The Evils of STD Shaming and the Bigotry of “Rights”

I can’t even… This is a hard one to write because I was crying so hard.

I had seen a CDC chart that listed African-Americans and gays as having the highest rates of sexually-transmitted diseases, and how the CDC exerts its systematic white privilege over them with their supposed science, shaming them into obscurity and death.

It is not enough for the government to spend 10,000 USD per patient, per year on HIV-AIDS medications and education.

It is not enough to spread awareness for the plight of the oppressed.

There needs to be a campaign to shame white men who are systematically suppressing and oppressing these victimized individuals.

Don’t you get it? If you are a cis-het white male, you are not allowed to refuse someone sex just because they have a STD. STDs are not harmful, contrary to what the conspiracy behind the CDC and pharmaceutical companies want to push. They are merely an inconvenience. So-called “Rights” are just another form of bigotry that needs to be stopped with laws so that white men can no longer oppress.

This Imgur sums it up perfectly.


GLORIOUS DAY! Gay Marriage Has Been Forcibly Pushed Upon Racist and Homophobic America! Suck it, Christians!

On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that all states are now required to issue marriage licenses for gay couples. Finally, the white supremacist, homophobic, Christian theocracy that is the United States will be forced to recognize that homosexuals have the same rights as heteros. The best part is, that this comes right after the takedown of that horrid symbol of white racism: the Confederate flag! Suck on it, cis-het white men/Christians!

After this, America will still have a long way to go towards making amends and seeking redemption in the eyes of the LGBTQIAP and POC communities. Many things can be done for this cause. Things such as reparations and increasing education of LGBTQIAP issues so that younger children can be helped to not wallow in the ignorance that is likely inflicted by their parents (as an aside, parents are not suitable to raise children, schools are). The policy ideas can come for some other post.

It will be a wonderful day when the oppressed can express ourselves in public without fear of heteropatriarchal norms to suppress us! Very soon, everything a nation needs will be established, Christianity will be banned, and white men will be forced to confront their privilege.

Introducing the Social Justice Superhero

I was trying to think of a good way to start this blog off. Then I had found this and used Google Translate to read it.

No better statement could be made for the sake of Social Justice.

To introduce myself. I am a white male, who loathes his privilege and wishes to do whatever I can to erase the unforgivable stain of privilege that western society has put upon me.  In the meantime, as much as I wish I had the means to get a gender reassignment surgery, I can at least have fun with this.

This blog is about a superhero who has a dilemma much like mine, but he cannot erase his privilege due to a healing factor that prevents him from transitioning to a less privileged gender. All while he fights crime in the name of tolerance, justice, and socialism.

I hope that this blog will be of aid in helping to fight the white supremacist, imperialist, racist patriarchy that is the western world, and to use a bit of humor while doing it.